Web Development

If You Have An Idea We Can Build It

Custom Web Development

It wouldn’t be a website if it didn’t have some sort of customised application running in the background. At Eden Digital we are a full stack development house for websites  and  Apps. We can advise you as well as help your develop your application.

We are very conscious of the cost involved in custom web development, if there is a solution that exist already in the market place  we will engage with the developer and you to see it will meet your needs. Quite often using third party application can offer considerable savings and reduce the time in launching the application.


Our web development process starts with an in-depth consultation to build a brief that will guide the development team. To start, we give you the chance to tell us all about your business and what you need from your website. However creative or outlandish your ideas, we love to hear them. Every business is unique and, therefore, needs a unique developed solution.

After consultation, our website developers get to work, building a proof of concept  prototype. This allows us – and you – to test out your site before it goes live. We’ll make sure that you’re happy and satisfied with the results. We also make sure that we give every feature a thorough test, to check that everything is working smoothly. 

Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to make your website live. Within days, you’ll be adding products and blogs, reading your traffic stats and gaining an understanding of who your customers are and how they spend time on your site.

Web Development Work We Have Done.

  • Holiday Booking integration
  • Local Appointment Bookings for Services
  • Backend integration of reporting
  • Ecommerce Payment System
  • Zoom integration 
  • Click and Collect Ordering
  • Portal Development