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logo design
logo design

Your Logo

Our in house graphic designers can make you a logo to reflect the aspirations of your business. A  well designed logo will tell the consumer what your business is about within 5 seconds .Through your branding, you can communicate your business’s intention, identity and values, thereby winning over loyal customers.

Graphic Design Pricing

Graphic Design

We have a range of options ,from our in house graphic designer to a range of designers who specialize in a variety of  styles. This collaboration ensures that we are at the top of our game and can produce graphics at a high quality at whatever level suits you.

If you have an idea of what you are after or an unfinished idea we can help refine and perfect.


The graphic design process is clear, straight-forward and helpful. To begin, we arrange a meeting, during which we clarify your ideas and discuss possibilities for representing your brand visually. This  involves working out the industry you are working in , where you will be in that industry and the style that will best reflect your product or service, and giving some thought to your competitors.

The next step is throwing some ideas and drafts your way. We’ll work through these with you, giving you plenty of opportunities to order revisions. Once you’re settled on your identity and designs, they’ll be yours to use. It’s important to us that our solutions meet your vision.