If you looking to sell your products online we can help with a variety of Ecommerce carts to suite your needs. Most carts are designed to be user friendly and easy to update and make changes .At Eden Digital we support WordPress ,Drupal , Magento and Open Commerce ,just to name a few.Our e commerce designing service build shopping carts that reflects the look and feel of your business.

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Intergrating Your Ecommerce into your Business

Integrating your e commerce shop into the admin of your business can be time consuming. We can simplify the process so that you spend less time on admin and more time running the business. There are a variety of solutions to integrate your shop front with your online presence.

Ecommerce is Growing

Today e-commerce is the most advanced method of conducting business in todays ever-expanding market. Approximately 94% of Australians have internet access with 79% browsing on a daily basis. Australian e-commerce is becoming an increasingly exciting platform. The hard truth is that if you fail to integrate e-commerce into your marketing strategy, you will lose out to your competitors in an ever-growing online shopping market. During Covid 19 E-commerce grew 20%.

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Secure Payment Systems

Online payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Bank merchant facility and Amazon, offer a secure way to take payments which can also be configured to take payment via bank transfer, check, or money order. There are a variety of payment options to suit your business structure. Having a link to a secure payment gateway builds trust with customers and reduces fraud.

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Freight Intergration

The various E-commerce platforms allow you to intergration freight services within the website, enable you to manage orders, ship goods, order freight services, track inventory, and offer client freight tracking all from within the CMS (Customer Management System).

Backend Office Admin

Keeping track of your online business day to day reporting can be done with the help of a CMS plugins which will allow you to integrate with your bricks and mortar business. This will reduce the amount of time that you are doing procedural based business functions. This allows you to concentrate on business analytics and ways to move your business forward.

POS and Online Integration

Keeping the two business models on track can be done with integrated reporting, hence reducing workload and frustration. There are a variety of E-commerce stores that are fully integrated with your POS (Point of Sale) systems. Stock management is seamlessly integrated. If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to call us.

Expanding your Market Reach

It's also super simple to list your products on other marketplaces like eBay, Amazon,Ali Express, and Facebook,all from within your website backend. This increases your exposure to more customers. Though expensive it's a great way for startups. There are a variety of plugins to make this easy, with some offering bulk uploads.