Step By Step Help

Dont Know where to

If you dont know where to start when approaching the idea of getting a website. At Eden Digital have been helping  new comers to the digital world for 8 years. We speak plain English and will take the time to expalin the techy terms mean.

Your First Website

If its your first time to have a website it can be a daunting process at Eden Digital we work to make the process  informative and enjoyable.We bring you up to date with all the latest tech and lingo.

Standard website are all now self editing and what this means is that once the frame work of your site is built you can add products and add or re arrange content as you feel fit.You no longer need to have coding experience just pictures and words basically .

The products that we support are Word Press website which is a very intuit CMS ( content management system ) designer for beginners to advanced users with many options to choose from,like a simple blog ,business promotion site to a fully fledged E commerce site .

Drupal websites allow extensive control of your content and come with to types of core Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 .Drupal is very popular with large websites and government bodies.

Open Commerce as the name suggest is designed in a public arena offering a shopping cart environment ,designed primarily to sell goods on .The back end features of this program provide a whole business process

Todays Website Are:

Self Editing

All websites are self-editing so you dont need a programmer .You can creat as many pages as you like  

Social Networking

You can link your content to Facebook or eBay with a click of a button.


Creat as many products as you like, SEO friendly so it’s found on google.

What Can We Do

Web Hosting

We offer web hosting to host your website. Our beginner’s package is $75 per year.


Well organize your domain that reflects the business name ,products and service.

Web Development

If there’s a particular function you are after we offer a complete programming service.


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