Its not just enough to now have a good looking website ,with over 50 million websites competing for traffic ,having a SEO strategy will improve your ranking on the major search engines and social networks (facebook ) delivering a cost effective business inquiries .

Our SEO services entail a site audit where we check things like how quickly your pages load and whether or not you’re mobile friendly. Then, we look at the content on your website. When people use a search engine, they are usually looking for answers to questions. We guide the search engines to recognize what each page of your website is about so the search engines can present the best answer to searchers. We evaluate each page to be sure it’s focused on just one idea, then, using market data, choose a keyword to represent each page.

As part of any website we produce we help you establish good SEO practices.

SEO Strategies

Under standing where you websites sits in ranking is a important start ,achieving a high SEO is dependent in the industry you operate and how popular that industry is .We work with you on how best to meet your objectives within the business confinements .

Content Writing

We also offer content writing which forms the bases of your SEO  on your website .Well written content will not only engage users but also help rank in the search engines .